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SHINee Fanfiction recommendation YAY!

I will get a look on all the fandoms, don’t worry.

Anyway :

Cruor Corvus is the HEADMASTER of Jong Key fics and the owner of the fic I will be promoting today 😀

and I think you got it: IT IS A YAOI FIC.

Oh Thank you for still being there 😀

Drunken Desire and Two in the million are amazingly beautiful !

What do you think of it?

The story is a romance, yaoi, and somehow canon but not that much lol. The plot is about Jonghyun and Kibum falling in love with each other after a wasted night followed by rough and perfect sex, typical but this damn story is UNIQUE, I garantee it with my life.

In Fact , it’s my first YAOI fic ever. I used to hate them but I gave it a chance and I liked it sooooooo much

The Whole damn story deserve to be readen.

Tell me what you think of it Okay?

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Today I will start my Sharing posts, which will be weekly or daily, depends on my network 😀 

It will be in seperated posts of course, I can’t put everything in one go 😀 

What do you think I will start with? Books? Fanfics? Songs? Links



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The funniest thing ever happened to me.

I forgot the password XD

Oh my god I spend days and days trying to remember and I made a new blog but all of sudden when I tried to log in the other blog, I Logged myself in THIS ONE.

Oh my god, if only you can imagine my face right now XD

I am so laughing at my foulness 

but I still remember it;

Anyway, I got a decent life lately, I got a diploma and I’m studying for a bachelor diploma 

and I’m getting more and more close to the goal: publishing a book. 

What did YOU do?

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You must be FUCKING Kidding me!

No, it is enough! Really enough! what the fuck is going on your brain if u have one!

Today is a day to mark with a black stone! no your whole life must be marked in black! you are fucking blind!

 » Shame on him » : Shame on you for being just an empty mind unable to analyse and think: A Video taken in 2009 didn’t show up until 2012; why? And why now? why when JYJ get on the roof of the success? Why do u think someone will be hitten by a star and keep it for himself?


In 2009, they were in the peek of the seperation, none of the 5 was in the right mood in that year! And if you were a real cassies u will know it, but i can’t say you were a cassiopean cause a real one won’t be dispointed that easily, Can’t be fooled, the REAL CASSIOPEAN WILL SAW THIS FUCK COMING AND WE DID!

Actually, as I’m a real one , I got to say that i was wondering when will be the next attack? I was waiting for another « professional Homosexuality » acusation against Jaejoong since it was an accusation that he was menaced of  But YOOCHUN? NO WAY!

But I got it contrairly to somes, I understood now why the video showed up now! and I have two theories about that.

I understood that the timing of the video just came in after the supposed naked pic that a X woman menaced an X star to show… then he was seen slapping a girl (if we say he did)

I don’t care if he did or not, he is human not like u stupid and foolish people thinking that because they are a star they live with O humanity. WTF!

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Seriously, the craziest thing i ever heard about !


Recently the issue of violence against a fangirl has emerged with much heat. The famous Hero-Jaejoong of TVXQ was caught inflicting verbal/physical offense, the proof recorded as a mp3 file and up online. However, there is a lot more to this issue than what was disclosed in the media. The Korean fans had known all along that someday, there would be hell to pay because of the PRIVATES. Who are the PRIVATES? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

Below is the original version of the recording.
“Dispatch,” the broadcast company that published this recording, purposely cut out certain parts of the recording to make it sound like Jaejoong constantly swore and inflicted physical offenses to a innocent fan girl. When in truth, this is not what had happened. NOT AT ALL.

Violence is not acceptable and inexcusable in any kind of situation, but in this case, one needs to…

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Can you just shut up?

no really, with what do u think people (I mean people who believe this shit) ? WHIT UR ASS?

let’s be polit, ok. I will try to be polit even if I’m Pissed off.

First: Let’s analyse, shall we? if u are enough intelligent u would clearly reply those question.

1) Why a video from 2009 showed up now?

2) why did they attacked Yoochun just after the blackmailing stuff?

3) why since JYJ left they are more attacked than understood?

no I’m not blind u are … you said he slap a girl, didn’t u? get back in the past, SM itself said that in the same period a girl got harsh on yoochun and a bodyguard took her camera but Yoochun did brought it back, so let me explain what happen.

some girl, who witnessed it, published the video of Yoochun incident, someone else took it and modify it because to hear the sound of a slap from that far and the other fans didn’t even react is really weird and IMPOSSIBLE!  you can check by yourself! when a fan followed Jaejoong and Changmin to an airport bathroom, Jaejoong stopped her, you know what she did? SHE HITED CHANGMIN WITH HER BAG AND HE WAS ALMOST CRYING BECAUSE HE COULDN’T DEFEND HIMSELF AND NOW YOU ARE SAYING YOOCHUN SLAP A FAN??? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON YOUR MIND!

THE MEDIAS; THE ANTIS, SME,… and the list are long. all of those have a profit from this and you, you who call yourself a fan of tvxq, you call as JYJ supported and accuse us to be blind?

well: first JYJ fan don’t exist… and if they exist that mean they lost a great part of them life in a lie, Cuz JYJ didn’t get a group name just because they keep the faith, why do you think Jaejoong and Yoochun tattowed the phrase on their skin? I don’t think that someone can get a tattow of something like this.

let’s make u see what another cassiopea see  here 

and she’s not the first any more… that is a Real Cassiopean.

If you believe or just think she and I are right, you deserve my respect and my apologize but if you don’t you are just the (real) dark side of Kpop industry: a blind-stupid-consumer. You are just a source of money don’t forget it.

however, let’s speak clearly about why do i keep believing that they will reunite! Well, It doesn’t make sense! why three membre from five will leave  without that the two other noticed it? Actually how it can be? But if the two member did know that another story.

why, if the five were planing to leave, Homin step back to the SMe?

What if all what happen is caused by stress, what if a sort of stress pointed out from nowhere (family, work, dramas, donno … anything possible) and pushed homin and yunho to keep the TVXQ thing?

And why did SME waited a year and half before the release of Keep your head down?

Seriously, it’s obvious! SME wanted people like u, cassies who weren’t really cassies break up with the faith and find antogher fanclub. I’m not blaming u I’m just saying, to change your faith in the little mistake isn’t faith at all. Or you believe or You don’t.

I don’t know what really happen and u don’t also but I know for sure I won’t let SME or Antis explain it for me. if I have to travel and ask the five member of TVXQ myself and until they reply me, I will do it.

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Separated but still the member of the same group

TVXQ, SHINHWA; SS501… all those groups got broken. But why? all this friendship they show, all this love is vain? nothing?

i can’t understand why can we give up in someone who share with us many years of tears, hope, laugh, fun and even love!

some one must explain why can’t we see them together? why did they get seperated?

i think you will all make fun of me, but DO I CARE? hahah no, you can just throw your words anywhere you want but just leave me write what i want to write WORLD!

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St valentin et moi

St valentin : une occasion de fouter de quelques gueules au petit matin.

Je pensais un moment à l’amour et si nous méritons bien de le fêter ; résultat : en couple non, seul oui. Je ne suppose pas que 100% des relations sont nuls mais ,bon, que 0,0000000001% trouve l’amour en étant en couple (c’est comme même bon signe) et le reste non seulement ne sait même ce que c’est « être en couple », « aimer l’autre », « partager son amour» ou bien « faire gouter sa vie à quelqu’un d’autre »…

Oh ne vous méprenez pas : partager et faire l’amour, c’est deux concepts différents. Si différents que l’Homme amoureux les distingue l’un de l’autre facilement. L’homme normalement ne fait pas de distinction.

Vous vous demandez pourquoi je crache du feu sur l’amour mais au fond est ce à l’amour, au faite de le célébrer? Ou bien sur vous ( pas d généralisation, c un simple vous tout court) qui passez chaque st-vaentin avec une personne différente lui chantant les chanson d’amour qui ne vous sont pas déstiné, à eux non plus.

Je vous repondrai en faisant example de ma vie: J’ai partagé l’amour une fois mais avec 1 des 99.9999999999%. Résultat : Il a fourré ma tronche dans la boue avec, le bonus, un sourire ! Ca explique peu être pourquoi je n’aime pas ce jour, le 14 février. Quatre jours plutôt, notre relation aurait pu entamer des années passés… mais bon, c’est oublié maintenant, c’est certainement oublié. J’ai oublié les baiser, les caresses, les regards, les murmures, nos rires, les larmes qu’il m’a fait couler et les sacrifices qu’il m’a poussé à faire… Oui, j’ai tout oublié.

Oui, je l’ai fat puisque je crois toujours à l’amour qui, m’est destiné ou pas, arrive à fortifier les liens paints de sechresse et de colére. Je sais que quand je haisserai un homme, j’en tomberai amoureuse mais puisque le seul que je hais vient de faire un trait sur moi: j’ai cessé de rêver…

ben, je n’ai jamais pu rêver de toute façon.

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                Z.H ENIGMATICMA

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Hello world!


C’est un premier article pour mon blog….I’M A DRAGON. Drôle de titre, non ?

Certes, je suis à 100% humain mais bon, l’humanité me donne l’envie de cracher du feu…

Ici, Je n’ai pas d’âge, pas de sexe (enfin je ne vous dirai rien à vous d le savoir) pas de nationalité… Je n’ai pas de langue : de l’arabe au chinois, je peux en faire de toutes les couleurs. Voilà, vous savez l’essentiel.

Si vos commentaires ne sont pas constructifs, gardez-les pour vous Merci !

Ce blog, si c’est ainsi que vous le considérez, est un joli petit journal intime. Le mien ? Je ne suis pas sûr de ça car je mettrai peu de moi-même… Attendez et regardez (bref, lisez ou regardez est le même du coup qu’on use nos yeux le +)

Certains de vous quitterez la page avant même de lire cette phrase… d’autres non. Ainsi, bienvenue aux lecteurs de beaux mots.

J’aime l’écriture, comme vous l’aurez bien deviné, qui pique les narines. J’insinuerai, je jetterai des jurons mais de grâce ne prenez pas l’affaire trop à cœur… Cruauté est déjà le slogan du blog.