Publié par : enigmaticma | 06/05/2011

Separated but still the member of the same group

TVXQ, SHINHWA; SS501… all those groups got broken. But why? all this friendship they show, all this love is vain? nothing?

i can’t understand why can we give up in someone who share with us many years of tears, hope, laugh, fun and even love!

some one must explain why can’t we see them together? why did they get seperated?

i think you will all make fun of me, but DO I CARE? hahah no, you can just throw your words anywhere you want but just leave me write what i want to write WORLD!


  1. Shinhwa is still together. They never get separated. They’re just doing solo activity when they’re not doing group activity. And they’re going to celebrate their 14th anniversary this year. So, yeah.

    Here –!/ShinhwaCompany

    • yeah I know, and i keep believe on them to reunited like shinhwa


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