Publié par : enigmaticma | 17/02/2012

Can you just shut up?

no really, with what do u think people (I mean people who believe this shit) ? WHIT UR ASS?

let’s be polit, ok. I will try to be polit even if I’m Pissed off.

First: Let’s analyse, shall we? if u are enough intelligent u would clearly reply those question.

1) Why a video from 2009 showed up now?

2) why did they attacked Yoochun just after the blackmailing stuff?

3) why since JYJ left they are more attacked than understood?

no I’m not blind u are … you said he slap a girl, didn’t u? get back in the past, SM itself said that in the same period a girl got harsh on yoochun and a bodyguard took her camera but Yoochun did brought it back, so let me explain what happen.

some girl, who witnessed it, published the video of Yoochun incident, someone else took it and modify it because to hear the sound of a slap from that far and the other fans didn’t even react is really weird and IMPOSSIBLE!  you can check by yourself! when a fan followed Jaejoong and Changmin to an airport bathroom, Jaejoong stopped her, you know what she did? SHE HITED CHANGMIN WITH HER BAG AND HE WAS ALMOST CRYING BECAUSE HE COULDN’T DEFEND HIMSELF AND NOW YOU ARE SAYING YOOCHUN SLAP A FAN??? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON YOUR MIND!

THE MEDIAS; THE ANTIS, SME,… and the list are long. all of those have a profit from this and you, you who call yourself a fan of tvxq, you call as JYJ supported and accuse us to be blind?

well: first JYJ fan don’t exist… and if they exist that mean they lost a great part of them life in a lie, Cuz JYJ didn’t get a group name just because they keep the faith, why do you think Jaejoong and Yoochun tattowed the phrase on their skin? I don’t think that someone can get a tattow of something like this.

let’s make u see what another cassiopea see  here 

and she’s not the first any more… that is a Real Cassiopean.

If you believe or just think she and I are right, you deserve my respect and my apologize but if you don’t you are just the (real) dark side of Kpop industry: a blind-stupid-consumer. You are just a source of money don’t forget it.

however, let’s speak clearly about why do i keep believing that they will reunite! Well, It doesn’t make sense! why three membre from five will leave  without that the two other noticed it? Actually how it can be? But if the two member did know that another story.

why, if the five were planing to leave, Homin step back to the SMe?

What if all what happen is caused by stress, what if a sort of stress pointed out from nowhere (family, work, dramas, donno … anything possible) and pushed homin and yunho to keep the TVXQ thing?

And why did SME waited a year and half before the release of Keep your head down?

Seriously, it’s obvious! SME wanted people like u, cassies who weren’t really cassies break up with the faith and find antogher fanclub. I’m not blaming u I’m just saying, to change your faith in the little mistake isn’t faith at all. Or you believe or You don’t.

I don’t know what really happen and u don’t also but I know for sure I won’t let SME or Antis explain it for me. if I have to travel and ask the five member of TVXQ myself and until they reply me, I will do it.


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