Publié par : enigmaticma | 26/04/2014


SHINee Fanfiction recommendation YAY!

I will get a look on all the fandoms, don’t worry.

Anyway :

Cruor Corvus is the HEADMASTER of Jong Key fics and the owner of the fic I will be promoting today 😀

and I think you got it: IT IS A YAOI FIC.

Oh Thank you for still being there 😀

Drunken Desire and Two in the million are amazingly beautiful !

What do you think of it?

The story is a romance, yaoi, and somehow canon but not that much lol. The plot is about Jonghyun and Kibum falling in love with each other after a wasted night followed by rough and perfect sex, typical but this damn story is UNIQUE, I garantee it with my life.

In Fact , it’s my first YAOI fic ever. I used to hate them but I gave it a chance and I liked it sooooooo much

The Whole damn story deserve to be readen.

Tell me what you think of it Okay?


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